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What was the talk on Friday?

Our hot topic was the discussion of what materials were most suitable for Vacuum Viewports.

Viewports create a visual line for energy transmissions in vacuum systems. The majority of the time, standard viewports are uncoated, which can lead to radiation leakage. Overall it is less beneficial for the application of the vacuum viewport. Glass offers an extensive range of materials that are suited to the requirements of your system – their vacuum viewports are made to be reliable and long-lasting.

Glass produces vacuum viewports that use Kodial optical grade glass that can also be layered with anti-reflection materials. It is designed depending on the application.

Vacuum viewports can be produced in the following materials:

  • Magnesium fluoride
  • Lead glass

How music changes neurodegenerative diseases

In other recent news, a neuroscientist explains how music can affect the brain. Patients with advanced dementia still have the ability to respond to music if they had listened to it in their youth.

It means they can become much more engaged in their life, and in a way become themselves again.

For those with Parkinson’s disease, it has been shown that listening to music they are familiar with can allow them to perform dance moves and movements that their disease hadn’t allowed them to do so. Read more.

It’s an amazing discovery and seems to be the next best thing to giving the older people of our society, independence.

Chemists solved the mystery

Chemists have now solved and explained two of Gold’s properties. Previously, chemists have been baffled as to why predictions didn’t match up with results from experiments. Discover more about Gold’s properties, click here.

One of the biggest questions about Gold was the energy needed to remove an electron from Gold’s atoms – many scientists produced different results and some couldn’t generate their previous results again which made everybody question the validity. Contact us if you have an input.